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Ghosts from the past: Throwback horror stories (V)

Scary tales from the teens of the ‘90s

Security Guard with Flashlight (Image by © Colin Anderson/Brand X/Corbis)

Eye to eye

“Have you heard the story of the guard in our campus?” I asked just to make sure I’m the one who knows about it.

“Alin ‘yung inaswang niya ‘yung asawa ng kapitbahay nya?” one of my classmates jokingly replied.”

We all laughed, but I cut the fun and started the story.

“One late evening, when he and another guard were on duty, they heard a loud cracking noise of furniture from one of the rooms near where they were stationed. So he asked his younger buddy to check it out. 

“Armed with a revolver and a flashlight, this guard beamed to every transparent window pane of every room to see if there’s someone inside. But he didn’t see anyone or anything in the five rooms he checked. 

“When he was about to go back, he heard that cracking sound again, this time coming from the corner room that he last inspected. He pointed his flashlight to the glass window but again there was nothing.

“He noticed a small hole on the door, placed just right for his height, so he thought to take a peek. He closed his left eye, pressed his face on the door, and looked into the hole with his right eye. 

“He immediately saw a blurry yet fiery red color at first, so he wondered what it could be. He kept peeking, trying to identify what he was seeing. But after a couple of seconds, the indistinct shade descended slowly by slowly, forming a clear image of a reddish eye, fiercely staring at him.

“The guard ran even though he could not feel his legs, and left his señior guard without any word.

“It was said that what he saw could have been the girl who was raped on the campus many years ago. This girl locked herself in her room for three days. She cried and cried everyday until her eyes turned red. On the third day of her isolation, she hung herself. End of story”

Then as everybody was trying to digest the horrific tale in our campus, the lights turned off. And we all screamed, “Naaay!”





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