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Help 71-year-old Lolo Lito by buying his polvoron and pastillas from this online shop

As young students, we all have our favorite treats to eat after class. There’s fish ball and kikiam, ice scramble, adobong mani, and many other street food that will surely trigger some fun memories from our days at school. Along with those memories are the vendors with whom we became friends and suki.

For one school in Angeles City, there is one go-to man to get your sweet treat before and after classes, and that’s Lolo Lito.

Lolo Lito

“Lolo Lito is popular in Angeles city as he is a mainstay of Holy Angel University. He has been selling there for more than 10 years,” Louie Alcantara tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “He is selling to provide for his sick wife.”

According to Louie’s now viral post, the polvoron and pastillas vendor sells his products from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. to provide for his family. But due to the pandemic, students who used to buy from him are now all at home, leaving him wandering on the streets with sometimes no sales.

Lolo Lito’s polvoron

To help Lolo Lito, also known as Lolo Pops, Louie put his products up online through his food delivery service site in Pampanga.

“If you would like to help Lolo Pops, you can now buy from him via, all proceeds are given directly to him,” Louie says. “On our part, delivery is completely free and cost of delivery is shouldered by Your small act of kindness can go a long way!”

“If you would like to personally buy from him, he stays and sells at Jollibee AUF from 10 a.m. and sometimes until 11:30 p.m. because of slow sales,” Louie says.

Images are from Louie Alcantara’s Facebook.

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