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How celebrity moms are joining the fight against gender-based violence

You’ve most likely come across photos of celebrities in black-and-white filter over the weekend, accompanied with the hashtag #NoToGenderViolence (GBV), a reminder how even as the world battles a pandemic, old threats remain. In the Philippines, one out four married women have experienced abuse from their spouse. There has been an increase in calls to domestic violence hotlines in many countries, too, according to the United Nations. 

To shed light on the topic, Lunas Collective and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have partnered to launch the FamiLigtas campaign, which seeks to raise awareness and fight all forms of GBV such as rape, rape jokes, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and others against women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Many celebrity moms and personalities have jumped in on the social media movement to take a stand against domestic violence. Check them out below:

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila

Actress Dawn Zulueta

Broadcast journalist Connie Sison

Actress Vina Morales

Media executive Charo Santos

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria

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