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Mother-daughter Ina and Erika Raymundo swear by these waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners

The new normal brought by the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we use cosmetics. As facemask and face shield have covered most parts of our face, our eyes, now more than ever, have become the windows to our souls. And if you are a makeup lover who is looking for something new to add to your beauty arsenal, especially for your eyes, then you might want to check out these #Badass line products from Ready Set Glow (RSG).

The brand’s quality and product offering surely cross different generations of makeup lovers that it even gained the approval of beautiful mother-daughter Ina and Erika Raymundo, naming them as RSG’s official celebrity ambassadors.

(Image from @readysetglowph)

According to 16-year-old singer Erika, she loves that the brand gives her a wide array of color choices to express herself more, something that can be rarely found among local products. “I’m not really good at eyeliners and I just started getting to it,” she shares. “But I love colors, and now I’m starting to add colors with eyeliners.” Meanwhile, timeless beauty Ina says that she’s proud that she’s endorsing a product that has world-class quality.

Awarded as Fan Face 2020 under recent Metro Style award, RSG is known for its Badass eyeliner line that is waterproof and smudge proof, it also comes with a variety of colors. RSG’s gel eyeliners are highly pigmented with playful colors such as Winter Snow (white), Walkin’ on Sunshine (yellow), Jet Setter (teal green), and Wild tiger (orange). For liquid eyeliner, it has Slay! (green), OMG! (blue), Lit! (yellow), Extra! (violet), Yas! (brown), and Savage! (black).

FUN AND COLORFUL RSG Badass eyeliners comes in different colors

With this long list of colors to choose from, you’ll surely won’t run out of choices to express your mood even behind the layers of face masks. On top of this, RSG products are also affordable as eyeliners price starts for as low as P249.

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