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Partnerships taste better with age

Having been in the banking industry for six decades, the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) has been a reliable partner who assists its clients in growing their funds. With the commitment to provide trusted and innovative services, it continues to satiate the changing tastes of its clients as they fulfill their vision, especially during these unpredictable times.

One of the bank’s valued clients is the group behind the Novellino Wines that, currently, stands as the leading local wine brand in the Philippines. From patriarch Vicente “Nonoy” Quimbo to his sons Carlos and Christopher, the bank has been the family’s confrère in expanding their wealth. “For me, it’s really all about service,” Nonoy said. “Everyone works seamlessly that makes RCBC so good to work with.”

For him, it was of utmost importance to have a partner who can deliver his financial requirements and meet his deep attention to his funds. He was pleased that since he started transacting with the bank in 2010, RCBC has been up to speed in terms of managing their portfolio. “They do a very good job of making us feel secure,” he said. “We would not invest more if we were not confident that our money was managed thoroughly.” As the market contracted amid the pandemic, he worked closely with RCBC Trust and Wealth Management Group to minimize losses and determine other possible investment opportunities.

At 70, Nonoy has since retired, handing over the reins to his two sons who represent the second generation for the Novellino Wines; following the golden rule when it comes to nurturing a family business—“I started the business, now you build the assets.” The older son Carlos, a former investment banker was named president of Bel Mondo Italia Corp. and leads strategic planning and investments while the second son Christopher is president and general manager of the Calabria Group Ltd.; overseeing operations, marketing, and distribution.

The brothers gave up their established lives in the US to see the business through various challenges, the most recent of which is the strict liquor ban imposed during this quarantine period. With the restrictions implemented on alcoholic beverages, they have come up with the idea of producing lower alcohol content wines that were sweeter to the palate.

Carlos, who now handles the family’s account, shared that the bank has also added a nice touch with some of their business transactions. As a former investment banker who only moved to the Philippines in November last year, the bank filled in the gap since he was not yet familiar with the local market. As Nonoy hands over the keys to the wine cellar, he has this to say to Carlos and Christopher. “I have given you enough training. And I raised you guys as decent citizens of the world. Carry the baton with confidence, not just from me to you but from you to the next generation.”

RCBC will continue to be their reliable partner in securing the growth of their family’s hard-earned assets, as the aging process continues for the makers of Novellino.

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