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The best family Halloween costumes to get you excited

Because matching costumes get all the Insta likes!

Halloween looks a little different this year. But just because we won’t be going to haunted house parties or trick or treating doesn’t mean that we can’t dress up. Spooky season may have taken in a different meaning, but it is still a spooky season.

If you need a little inspiration, look no further than the app we’ve all been spending time scrolling on: Instagram. There are countless trends to recreate so we’ve scoured the app for the easy, quirky ideas. Check these ones from our local celeb families.

Despicable Me minions

Ever wanted to squish one of these tiny lovable weirdos? We get it. For the next big thing, dress up your family as Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. Like in the Intal family, you can create your get-up from simple materials you likely already own, like blue pants and a yellow shirt. You can throw Felonious Gru and Dru Gru into the mix as well if you’ve got enough people.

Crayon set

A pack of crayons is a choice that the whole family will love. Not to mention, there are lots of bright colors to choose from, and it’s a nostalgic nod to childhood. In this photo, the Belo-Kho family completed their Halloween get-ups with Vicki as the red crayon, Hayden as the green crayon, and Scarlet Snow as the violet crayon. Dress up as one in your favorite color, too!

Starbucks barista and drink

A Starbucks-inspired outfit, in our opinion, is one of the cutest Halloween costumes of all time.

The best part? You won’t have to spend a pretty penny. Instead of buying an outfit that you’ll never wear again, you can get away with basic clothing and inexpensive costume accessories, like what Kaye Abad, Paul Jake Castillo, and Pio Castillo did. After all, it’s all about the right combination of pieces. Complete the look with a print-out of the Starbucks logo and you’re all set.

Todd Chavez from Bojack Horseman

Recreate the lazy character from the American animated film in an absolutely adorable way. You probably already have a white shirt and red hoodie lying around, so all you need are black track pants and a pair of blue flip-flops. Take it from Saab Magalona, Jim Bacarro, and Pancho Bacarro who completed the look with a fake beard and a yellow beanie. Easy enough, huh?


Chances are, your family feels like a zoo sometimes. Why not poke fun at it, and have everyone dress as their favorite animal? Onesies make these costumes perfect for last-minute dress-up. In this photo, Bangs Garcia, husband Lloyd Birchmore, and their baby Amelia all dressed up as giraffes for Halloween.

Which celeb costume is your favorite?

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