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The kids will love you for these Halloween candy charcuterie boards

No better holiday to bring out your candies, chocolates, and cookies

A typical charcuterie board is filled with meats, crackers, cheeses, and grapes, among others. But for Halloween, we need something a little more on-theme, right? Say goodbye to the brie, because Halloween charcuterie boards are filled with candies, candies, and more candies.

Just like with any charcuterie board, variety is the key to making it a success. So we hunted down some of the most impressive charcuterie boards on Instagram, so you and your family can use them as inspiration for your own monster mash bash. No tricks here, just lots of tasty treats!

Sour candies

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Sweet & Sour Board For the candy lovers.

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This board definitely reminds us of our childhood. And it is way easier than it looks. Just throw in peach rings, gummy worms, sour sharks, sour patches, and you’re good to go.

Spooky spider

Don’t be fooled by the scary-looking spider—this candy board is nothing but sweet! Blogger-mom Valerie Sheldon covered her board with the classic sweets: graham crackers, marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate-covered pretzels. And oh, the fun words are letter cookies from Trader Joe’s, which she just frosted in different colors. Easy, right?

Skeleton and snacks

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it’s spooky szn, witches 💀 ⚰️👻

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This might be the most creative board we’ve ever seen. Halloween candies were placed around and inside a creepy faux skeleton. It also has all the good stuff—candy corn, Twizzlers, and Halloween oreos—and decorated with miniature pumpkins and festive faux skulls.

Sweet and salty?

If you don’t have a big sweet tooth (or you don’t want to hype your kids up on more sugar than necessary), build out your board with some salty snacks, too. This one has generous amounts of candy corn, fall m&ms, and pumpkins, mixed with pretzels, popcorn, and peanuts to balance out the sweetness.

Candy Jack-O-Lantern

Millennial pink is still pretty much everywhere. If you love the color, why not add it to your board? Plus, you can never get too creative, and your hard work will be praised by your family members (and their full bellies).

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