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Things you can do on Boyfriend’s Day

Ideas on how to pamper your SO even during a pandemic

While Aug. 1 celebrates Girlfriend’s Day, Oct. 3 is Boyfriend’s Day. The unofficial holiday was created exactly as a follow-up to the popularity of GF’s day. The entire 24-hours is dedicated to honor boyfriends, to show proper respect to the efforts of the romantic men in our lives.

In light of the occasion, here are some of our suggestions on how to spend the day. Time to put your best foot forward girls.

Netflix and chill

Whatever you’re interpretation of the phrase is, “Netflix and chill” is a nice way to pass the time. Sit back, relax with your boyfriend, and simply be together today.

Cook for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A fun lunch or dinner is a good date. Plus points if you whip a dish (or the entire meal!) yourself.

Give him a gift

Pretty self-explanatory. Some of the presents your boyfriend will appreciate for certain are new games, clothes, face masks, or a console. Speaking of gaming, we’re all waiting for the upcoming Play Station 5 release this November. Maybe postpone the gift for a month? Print an IOU voucher so both of you don’t forget. (Although we sincerely doubt he will).

Entertain him

Time to use your talents to good use. You can sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, paint, or perform for your boyfriend. Arts and effort are romantic.

Video chat

For partners who cannot be together physically, make sure you carve some time today and see each other via online at the very least. Communication is key to any relationship, and you want to be “present” and available to your partner. Tip: No distractions the entire time, OK? Stop fiddling with your phone or doing some other thing while you’re conversing.

Send a love letter

It could be an email, a text message, a chat, or an actual mail—construct a note or letter that expresses your love toward him. Men rarely receive love letters, which makes this gesture more impactful. Old school never goes out of style.

Plan a future date

There are many establishments closed and leisure activities that are prohibited, so instead of commemorating boyfriend day today, postpone it and plan what you and your partner will do after the health crisis. Plan something concrete to look forward to!

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