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VIRAL: This four-year-old girl loves to play with scary dolls

She sure has a fun, spooky taste for playmates

Happiness comes in a form of a doll for many little girls. It’s their wish no matter what the season is. And as author Louisa May Alcott said, “dolls are safe companions.” But for some, they are also the bearers of nightmares. 

Thanks to classic horror films such as Child’s Play and Poltergeist and modern ones like Annabelle and The Boy, dolls gained a spooky, eerie vibe that scare not just the little ones, but also adults (yep, pediophobia is real). 

But for this four-year-old girl, having Annabelle, Chuckie, Freddie Kruger, and Tiffany Valentine as her toys is just a normal scene in her everyday playtime. 

Meet Kendall, the sweet, curly-haired baby girl of Jokey Robles and Jen Ting, who went viral after her parents posted a photo of her, all smiles with her unusual dolls.

Kendall with her favorite toys (Photo by Jokey Robles)

“She’s never afraid of her collection. Weird, but we find it cool for her age,” says Daddy Jokey. “At first we’re quite shocked, but later on we just got used to it because those toys give her some kind of special happiness.”

The couple bought the dolls from a store in Qatar called Geekay. They also revealed that it was Kendall who requested those toys. Now, Jokey’s post garnered 31K shares and 5.1K reactions in Facebook.

‘She’s never afraid of her collection. Weird, but we find it cool for her age.’

“We didn’t expect it to go viral. We were overwhelmed and happy for my kid got the recognition she for being so cute but weird. But then a little sad because part of being viral are the negative attacks,” Jokey tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I know we can’t be too sour about it. But we’re talking about a child here. Can’t we just leave her alone and let her be happy with her toys?”

In case you’re wondering, Jokey sets the record straight that his daughter isn’t just fond of creepy dolls. Just like other young girls, she is also fascinated with princess stuff and loves the “the unknown” if you know what we’re saying.

Kendall with her other favorite, her Frozen doll collection (Photo by Jokey Robles)

“She loves to sing, dance, and just run and jump all over the place,” Jokey says. “Of course, aside from having a scary toy collection, she also has a Frozen doll collection. That’s one of her favorites, too”

How about you? What’s your creepy collection?

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