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LOOK: This shoe brand drops limited edition BT21 collection

Which character and color match your personality?

Attention, K-culture enthusiasts (especially the ARMY)!

Shoe apparel brand Skechers has dropped its limited-edition BT21 collection. 

Inspired by the beloved BT21 characters co-created by global phenomenon South Korean boyband group BTS, the shoe brand has released eight different designs under this new line. Featuring the Skecher Street UNO sneaker, you can now wear Koya, Rj, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, Tata, Cooky, and Van for your next IG OOTD post. 

Designed with stylish colors and textures, you can choose the best pair that represent your personality. Aside from that, Skechers also said that each pair comes with a BT21 customized character name—truly a must-have for every collector and BTS fan. 

BT21: Down the memory lane

A collaboration project between LINE Friends and BTS, BT21 was officially launched in 2017. Each avatar represents a specific BTS member while the gray and white character named Van represents the ARMY, the fans of the K-pop band. 

With the overwhelming support of fans, what started as cute stickers for online communication platform Friends, turned into a favorite. Eventually, the brand expanded, paving the way for the birth of the BT21 Universe where the story of every character was unveiled through animated videos and online games.  

BT21 has captured the hearts of Gen Z and Millennial audiences around the world. It already has stores in different countries where fans can buy various merchandise inspired by the characters, from shirts and bags to mobile equipment. 

When it comes to shoes, this is not the first time BT21 has partnered with another global brand. Previously, it collaborated with other powerhouse names such as Fila, Converse, and Reebok. 

Meanwhile, Skechers PH said that its BT21 collection is a limited edition. Fans are encouraged to pre-order online. 


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