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Ramen fried rice… why not?

Skeptical? Then give it a try

It is a fact that Filipinos love Japanese cuisine. From the freshest sushi creations to deep fried tempuras, Filipinos will give any reason to have chopsticks in their hand and chomp their way through exotic and comforting Japanese cooking. And long before samyang entered the Philippines, Japan’s warm bowl of ramen has been the all-time favorite foreign noodle dish.

As Manila Bulletin Lifestyle food columnist Sol Vanzi said, “Japan lost the war but its food has succeeded in invading the world.” That couldn’t be more true in our case.

Up to this day, many are still finding the joy in ramen, authentic or instant. Even during this community quarantine, many crave for ramen, and some have explored new ways of serving it. Among their kitchen experiments is merging instant ramen with fried rice. 

Who would have thought of serving brothless ramen with rice? Well, let YouTuber Future Neighbor show you how you can turn a regular instant ramen into a savory late-night dish in just minutes. 

All you need is a cup of instant ramen, cooked rice, chopped spring onions, and an egg.


1. Dump the ramen noodles in a bag and crumble them into small pieces.

2. Pour the noodles back to the cup. Add the packed seasoning and pour in just enough hot water to cover the noodles. Do not fill the cup until its water line.

3. Put a pan on the stove in medium heat. Add some cooking oil and sauté the spring onions. 

4. Crack-in an egg and scramble it.

5. Add a half cup of steamed rice. 

6. Stir in the contents of the cup noodles.

7. When all is mixed, place the ramen fried rice back in the cup to shape it for plating. 

8. Flip the cup onto a plate and sprinkle some fresh spring onions for more color.

Watch how it is done in action in this video:

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