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Relive your campus days with these modern Filipino comics

Remember those happy days when we aren’t bothered with bills and office stress? Remember when crisis means not having your homework done for your terror teacher’s class? Or that time when you and your barkada made a promise to be friends forever? Who could forget those slam books asking you what’s your definition of love (cringe much)?

Apart from the bullying and the jeje phase (nothing to be guilty about), we must admit that our campus days are one of the best times of our lives. While we are having a blast now that we are on our feet and making our mark in the world, we cannot deny that sometimes we wish we can go back to those good ol’days, even just for a brief moment. 

Well, if you still wish for that to happen, then these comic books might be an easy solution. Online comics community Penlab has a roster of new reads sure to be loved by new and old Filipino komiks fanatics.

“We love creating,” it says. “We had this idea that if we brought the creator community together  we could uplift each other’s works and get bigger reach for our stories.” 

From crazy classroom antics to young love, these comics will bring back all the feels.

Things we don’t talk about by Grickenfish

As college student Marion catches up with her high school friends over lunch, they witness an embarrassing scene between two lovers at the table next to them. This prompts snide remarks from her friends, but it makes Marion think about her own recent experience.

Uy! Si Crush! by Richard Mercado and Gaby Taylo

Juan is an average-looking kid. He has a crush on his classmate Isay, but he thinks she’s in love with his hot best friend Kasi. Uy! Si Crush! is about Juan and his journey to get his crush, and how he realizes everything love entails. 

Life in Orange by Lizmi

Vito has always followed societal norms but his views are changed when he becomes partners with new student Kahel.

Dapit Hapon by Warehouse 6

It is a story about three friends embarking on crazy adventures as they go through a journey known as high school.

Point, Ma’am!!! by Maria Maranan

Alex Cruz is a shy crybaby who dreams of becoming a lawyer. Luckily the debate club is open for tryouts. But Alex starts falling for the rising start of the rival debate team. 

Nang Mainlove Ako Sa Isang Sakristan by Richard Mercado

17-year-old boys Francis and Didoy are caught kissing at the back of the subdivision chapel. Out of shock, they decide to escape humiliation on a journey they’ll never forget. 

Read more of Penlab’s titles here.

Images are from @penlab_ink.

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