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Some of the best memes and jokes related to the ongoing #USAElection2020

As the whole world is waiting for the result of the #USAElection2020, everyone is biting their nails because of the close battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

To help keep anxiety levels manageable, we compiled some of the best and funnies memes and jokes related to this elections.

  1. Keep the faith

2. Don’t forget

3. Waiting patiently

4. The way you are

5. Ga-ga-oola-la

6. Swifties!

7. One ballot an hour

8. Ha-ha-ha

9. Last night

10. And again last night

11. Double stress

12. Uninvited?

Did this list somehow give you a break? 

Now back to reality. Read the latest updates about the US election here.

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