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This viral grandmother encourages everyone to wear swimsuits with pride

Because every body is a beach body

Photo courtesy of Renalyn Macato/Facebook

There’s still a stigma around the swimwear choices of older ladies—unfortunately. Many women spend countless hours worrying about how their bodies will look in bathing suits come summer, too. 

But Renalyn Macato, a grandmother who went viral after she donned a one-piece red swimsuit in Manila Bay and Boracay, says one is never too old to wear a bikini.

“It’s about how you look and feel, not about an age limit,” the mom-of-three tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “You should go for it as long as you’re confident with what you’re wearing.” Knowing what style works for your body, she says, will let you look your best. 

‘Dolomite woman’

When Renalyn, 46, shared photos of herself in a swimsuit following the opening of Manila Bay’s white sand project and reopening of Boracay Island, she never expected it to get much attention.

“I was happy and overwhelmed when my photos went viral.” she says. “My husband and my children were proud of it, too.”

According to Renalyn, she is glad to have been able to travel again, and at the same time, help restart demand for Philippine tourism.

“If I were to choose my top three dream destinations, I would love to visit the beaches of Cebu, Davao, and Bohol,” she ends. 

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