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This White Rabbit candy-infused pie brings back childhood memories

We all have favorite treats growing up. They can be the delicious dishes crafted by our mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen. Some are in the form of wrapped delights we can buy from the sari-sari store. These candies and treats make playtime more special, especially when shared with friends. Sometimes, the experience is also thrilling as we know mom won’t approve of having too much sweets. 

One of them is White Rabbit Creamy Candy. Serving the candy in baked nostalgia is Filipino fashion designer Oz Go, as he whips up an egg pie recipe infused with White Rabbit candy.

Oz with his sister Rachelle Ann Go

“White Rabbit was one of my favorite candies growing up. I had a friend selling them by packs, and my mom would always tell me to make her an egg pie,” he tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “So the idea just popped out of my head, why not try mixing the candy into the egg pie batter.”

The Chinese milk candy is soft and chewy almost like a nougat and a taffy. In the 1940s, ABC Candy Factory in Shanghai created it after sampling milk candy from England. Soon after, White Rabbit became a Filipino favorite in the ’80s and ’90s. Now, it comes in flavors like chocolate, maize, strawberry, and matcha. But its classic vanilla variant still remains the easiest to find in many stores.

Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie

Oz’s love for baking started two years ago in New York, when he tried to bake his own version of American singer Patti Labelle‘s sweet potato pie. And with today’s pandemic climate looming over the country and the local fashion industry, Oz thought of turning his passion project into a business. 

“I don’t want to close down the business so I have to make some money to support the atelier,” he says.

So, how does it taste? Well, it’s hard to miss the White Rabbit flavor in Oz’s egg pie. It adds a toffee, caramel note on the custard that is velvety and not so sweet, a hallmark of it being homemade, unlike the gelatin-like stuff you get from stores. The crust is as tasty as its filling. It is crumbly with the right amount of bite to contrast with the delicate custard. 

Oz’s White Rabbit-flavored egg pie

His sweet potato pie is also a must-try. It’s so comforting and light that you’ll find yourself having two slices and not feel heavy on the tummy. That rich caramel sauce on top of it is just… *chef’s kiss.* Unlike the egg pie, the sweet potato pie is best served warm. Remember to pop it in the oven for a few minutes before eating.

Oz’s sweet potato pie

“Many are fascinated by it because if I’m not mistaken, though I’m not completely sure, I am the first person to do a White Rabbit flavored egg pie,” he says. “The candy itself brings back a lot of childhood memories.”

Oz’s White Rabbit candy flavored egg pie costs P270. You can order by sending him a message on his Facebook and Instagram account.

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