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VIRAL: Motorist helps delivery guy with flat tire

Saves him from getting his motorbike broken and his booking cancelled

With over 120,000 views on Helping Others Facebook page, the video posted last November 9 garnered praise for motorbike delivery guy, 35-year-old Noly A. Sallo. Somewhere in Ortigas area, he chanced upon another delivery guy who was having problems with his motorbike which had a flat rear tire. 

Noly caught up to him and offered to help him fix the flat tire. They both stopped at a gas station, and that’s where they fixed the flat tire. Noly mentioned that there were no vulcanizing shops nearby, so it was best that he should fix it right then and there. 

When everything was done, the other delivery guy asked if he could pay Noly to which Noly replied, “Walang bayad yan, boss! Mga rider nagtutulungan, hindi nagsisingilan. (No need to pay, boss! Us riders help each other out, no need for payment.)” Then, the delivery guy asked if he could help Noly pack up. “Ako na. Kasi baka naiinip na delivery mo.” 

He has also uploaded this video on his YouTube channel NAS Venture, ending it with a request from viewers, “baka may extra interior kayo na gagamitin for rescue.” He was able to upload 13 videos here, but he told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that he has been helping fellow motorists for an estimated number of five years already and over 300 motorists rescued. When asked why he’s been doing this, he revealed that a good samaritan helped him when his motorbike was broken on the way home. “Biglang may lumapit sa akin na rider, hinila niya yun motor ko hanggang makauwi ako. Nataandaan ko pa bumabagyo noon,” He hasn’t forgotten this good deed since then, and wants to continue paying it forward—as long as he can. This is the reason why he continues to help other motorists: He hopes to influence people to help others.

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